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Lindsay Precast Concrete Columbarium Niches Protect What Matters

At Lindsay Precast, we take pride in protecting what matters. Because of that, we confidently supply precast concrete columbarium niches at competitive prices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


Lindsay Precast is the comprehensive manufacturer of precast concrete columbarium niches, including custom configurations, hardware included. Ease of assembly makes for quick installation of your columbarium wall.


Lindsay Precast is honored to be a long-time supplier to the U.S. Veteran's Administration. We manufacture our precast concrete columbarium niches in a controlled environment, per U.S. Veteran's Administration standards.


Longevity, durability and cost effectiveness is crucial, and our American-made precast concrete columbarium niches have a long life cycle and require very little maintenance. While we're protecting the precious contents of our precast concrete columbariums, we also protect the environment. All of our precast concrete columbaria are environmentally friendly and are available at competitive prices.


We want to work with you to design the precast concrete columbiums to suit your needs and fit your cost structure, so we're pleased to provide engineering assistance through all phases of your project. Lindsay is the right columbarium wall manufacturer to meet your needs.


To learn more about the design of Lindsay Precast's concrete columbarium niche expertise, contact us today.


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