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Lindsay's Concrete Transportation Products Protect What Matters

With more than 60 years of experience, Lindsay Precast is a respected authority on Protecting What Matters in bridge and box culvert precast concrete products. Our products, manufactured in the United States, defend against weather, runoff, noise, accidents, and just about any other potential threat to safety on our nation’s roads and highways.

Bridge, Box & Wing Walls

Bridges, Box & Wing Walls

From highway culvert to railway culvert, from storm drains to detention systems, from utility tunnels to garages, and from wine cellars to many more applications, Lindsay Precast’s American-manufactured box culvert products provide value and solutions to the challenges our customers face daily in their businesses. Lindsay Precast concrete box culvert and arch bridge provides fast and easy installation and proven durability in a variety of shapes, sizes and treatments. You can be sure our box culverts and bridges have a long lifecycle and requires very little maintenance. With locations across the US, we have large capacity and short lead times.

Our precast boxes and arches can be designed for almost any required load rating: HS-20, HL-93, E-80, Aircraft and Military loading. Lindsay Precast takes pride in our products and has onsite representation for your culvert installation.

Operating in a controlled environment, our precast concrete products are built to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), and Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Our concrete box culvert is an environmentally friendly solution for nearly any water conveyance application, which means low environmental impact.

We have three wing wall types — segmented landscape or Stone Strong blocks, integral footer and wall, and flat wall with deadman anchors. Each of these products is designed to be a site-specific solution for your inlet and outlet scour-wall requirements. Our wing wall products are custom-made to fit your site-specific needs. Our connection inserts mate up to the culvert structure, and we offer beveled edges to fit the proper skew angle for your project. We can provide multiple segments if your wing wall needs are larger than allowable transportation requirements.

Each of our three precast concrete wing wall designs offers a unique set of benefits:

• "T" Style walls are self-standing. "L" walls require a pre-poured base that is anchored to
• Deadman System – Allows for longer and taller wall sections.
• Retaining Wall Block System – Simplistic and versatile, this can be installed with lightweight equipment. The product is kept in stock, with no lead time.

Our precast concrete wing wall engineering and design capability is unequaled. All three of our systems are designed in-house and personalized to fit each job. Engineered drawings can be completed with proper soil information. We offer value-engineered design parameters to ultimately reduce material costs for you. Plus, our wing wall products are delivered at the same time the culvert is installed to reduce crane or site work time.

Aesthetics are also something to consider. The form liners give the block a realistic natural texture. Our walls can be stained on the surface, or stain can be integrated into the concrete batch. And Lindsay Precast’s walls age gracefully and blend well with natural elements.

Precast Box Culvert sizes from 5'x3' to 34'x12'

Precast Arch Bridge sizes from 6'x1.25' to 84'x26'

Turnkey solution with precast box culverts, headwalls, wingwalls, and footers

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Adam Grimes

Sales - Bridge, Box, & Wing Walls


This product is available at the following locations:

  • Canal Fulton, Ohio

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Rock Hill, South Carolina

  • Alachua, Florida

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Dacono, Colorado

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