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Lindsay Precast & Fabrication

Why choose Precast/Prefab?

What is concrete and steel Pre-fabrication?

Pre-Cast Concrete is the pre-fabrication of concrete structures for field installation. We took this concept from concrete and began prefabricating steel structures for the utility and renewable industries. Including all necessary testing, these structures come ready for installation at the job site. Reducing installation time compared to a cast-in-place or field fabricated process, where the structure is built by hand on site.

Project Examples with Prefabrication

Integrated Power & Solar Skids - Nationwide

Solar EPC's and developers are able to capture the cost savings, reduce their on-site labor, and prevent on-site delays by having their equipment stored, mounted and wired at one of our weather controlled facilities. Lindsay can make modular skids for all types of electrical equipment including inverters, transformers, switchboards, disconnects, EVSE, and BESS.

Precast Concrete Box Culvert (Dual Cell) - Green Valley Ranch - Denver, Colorado

Engineers, general contractors, and civil contractors choose precast concrete box culverts to ensure critical items met including quality, schedule, and budget. In addition, the prefabricated box culverts can be designed for various skews, lengths, and sizes that otherwise would be too labor intensive to form and pour in the field.

Precast Utility Vaults - OIA, Orlando, FL

Electrical, telecommunication, and utility contractors rely on precast concrete utility vaults to protect and maintain access to their critical equipment. The durable prefabricated vaults can be customized to a variety of sizes and with accessories such as hatches, ladders, racks, conduit ducts, and frames.

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Benefits of Prefab

Control what you can control with precast concrete and prefabricated steel products. No worrying about the weather, change orders, delays, labor issues, or deadlines when you can produce all products ahead of time in a controlled environment.

Product consistency

Metal Molds ensure the quality of the product remains consistent, and of the highest standard.

Fixed pricing piece of mind

Reducing variability and understanding cost upfront provides a clear picture of price. Providing peace of mind on all Prefab products.

Project management transparency

Our Top Tier Team of project managers provides guidance through the entirety of the project. Allowing for relationships to be built on trust and understanding.

QA/QC expertise

Lindsay precast holds certifications in NPCA, ODOT, and AASHTO. Complying with applicable ATSM/other specifications. Guaranteeing the quality of our process, product, and personnel is of the highest standard.

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